Confidence in Teaching  Enterprise




Entreprise/enterprising skills are increasingly important for everyone. Not only for people who want to set up a new business.


The CiTE project (Confidence in Teaching Entreprise) aims to help VET teachers and trainers to understand how they can help learners develop enterprising skills. This will be done by offering teachers tools and examples of interesting practice to help them do this more effectively.


In future, workers will change their jobs or work roles more frequently. They are also likely to see working methods and technologies change rapidly. Individuals with enterprise skills / competencies will find it easier to adapt and to cope with the future work environment.  

Our project is funded through Erasmus+ Key Action 2 (strategic partnerships) for VET. It was selected for funding by the UK National Agency in 2018 and involves five partner organisations from four countries. Colleges Partnership is the lead partner for the project (2018-1-UK01-KA202-047916). Contact:

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Work Packages

The project we will be delivered through four separate work packages. Each package will result in a specific deliverable outcome. A different project partner will take the lead role in each of the work packages. CiTE will operate from Oct 2018-Sept 2020.


Targeted Analysis Report (TAR)

Work Package 1

A report summarising what the partners learn from exploring tools and materials to support the teaching of enterprising skills in eight countries.

Toolkit for Teachers and Trainers (TTT)

Work Package 2

A set of tools and materials to help VET teachers and trainers in all sectors teach enterprising skills will be developed by the partners. This will be made available in four languages (EN, ES, FI, NL). During the project, a training programme linked to the toolkit will be delivered to teachers and trainers from the partner countries. Participants in the training will be invited to review the toolkit and suggest additions or changes to it.

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Outline Training Programme (OTP)

Work Package 3

The partners will create an Outline Training Programme that may be used to introduce VET teachers and trainers to the toolkit. The OTP means may be used after the project ends to deliver training in the use of the toolkit to future groups of teachers and trainers.

Regional Development Plans (RDPs)

Work Package 4

The partners will prepare Regional Development Plans for each of the four countries in the project. The plans will make suggestions on how the teaching of enterprise skills in VET may be supported and improved in the regions represented in the project.



Colleges Partnership UK, Scotland     

College Development Network UK, Scotland

Albeda College Netherlands

HETEL (Heziketa Tecknikoko Elekatera),  Spain

Tampere Vocational College Tredu      


“Each of us has different pieces of this jigsaw to contribute. In sharing our experience and practice we start to see the big picture”

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Updates and Outputs

As the project progresses we will publish any outputs or updates here

Transnational Partner Meetings

Glasgow (UK) December 2018

Tampere (FI) May 2019

Durango (ES) Sept 2019

Rotterdam/ Amsterdam (NL) Mar 2020

Stirling (UK) Sept 2020


Output 1 (in progress)

Output 2

Output 3

Output 4